Several years ago Michael Britt-Crane invited me to help with a workshop he was giving at MIT on how to build an earlier version of the SeaGliders you see on this page. He had mentioned the need to make some videos to go along with his written instructions. I was not able to help him at the time, but when I received a kit from Mast STEM Academy to prepare for a workshop in Shenzhen, I decided to record each step of the build.
  1. Why build sea gliders?
  2. Soldering
  3. Power Supply & Limit Switch
  4. Buoyancy Engine
  5. Circuit Board
  6. Arduino Pro Mini
  7. Bottle Cap Prep
  8. Buoyancy Engine Assembly
  9. Bottle Prep
  10. Wing & Rudder Design
  11. Ballast & Flight Principles
  12. Pre-Flight CheckList
  13. Programming